Pressure Washing Services

Pressure Washing & Staining Decks

Think about the many memories you’ve made on your home’s deck. From cookouts to birthday parties to family reunions, a deck is an integral part of a house. Many folks often neglect deck maintenance, choosing to spend money and time on other areas, but pressure washing and subsequent staining not only improves visual appeal but also increases a deck’s lifespan.

Pressure washing removes dirt, debris, and other residue that collects from daily use and natural elements. If these particles are left unattended, they become more and more difficult to remove. Furthermore, before staining or painting a deck, it must be pressure washed. A polished deck allows stain to be applied evenly and smoothly.

At Hambleton Services, we use a combination of a cleaning solution and a hot water pressure washer system. This is the most effective way to pressure wash a deck. Some of the more effective ways to clean a wooden deck is to use commercial bleach products; however, if a homeowner wants to leave a smaller carbon footprint, there are other more environmentally friendly products available.

Along with pressure washing, our team also offers staining services. Washing and staining together results in a beautiful finished product that can withstand regular use as well as natural and organic elements. Staining should be your preferred method over painting. Stain actually seals the deck whereas paint just sits on top and chips once the deck begins to expand and contract because of weather. Staining is absolutely necessary to maintain a deck over time and before staining, pressure washing is a necessity.
With experience all over the WNC region, our team knows how to wash and stain a deck to keep it strong and beautiful through the years. Call us today so we can begin preserving your deck while you continue making memories with family and friends.