Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping Ideas 

With summer in full swing, you may have some landscaping ideas you’d like to try out to enhance the appeal of your front yard or your back yard. Obviously, there are endless ways you could add visual appeal and even functional appeal to your yard, so we’ll narrow down the scope of enhancements to include a few basic types of improvements. For each one of these, try to visualize how installing this new landscaping idea will add some kind of appeal to your premises, and possibly how it might provide increased functionality as well.

Patio walkways

A patio walkway can be as simple as installing some flat stones over existing grass, so that you form a pathway to the rest of your back yard. You might also want to use inter-locking bricks to give that cobblestone appearance, which suggests old time values and traditional materials. If you’re installing a relatively short patio walk, you may want to consider pallet wood, which will give a rustic appearance to the yard, or you might want to choose stamped concrete for a more contemporary look. To create a more formal look, you could use the ever-popular pavers, which are a bit more pricey but which will require less maintenance ongoing.

Retaining walls

As with patio walkways, the possibilities with retaining walls are limited only by your imagination. Many people prefer to install a retaining wall on their property which is composed of decorative block work to provide a really smooth and elegant-looking wall. A sturdy wooden fence can be a very cost-effective option, as well as presenting a neat and tidy appearance. The biggest thing to worry about when constructing a retaining wall is that whatever material you use, it must be strong enough to withstand the weight of the topsoil and plants which will be exerting force on one side only of the wall.

Landscaping trees 

There are so many popular landscaping trees which have been planted in the back yards and front yards of American homeowners, that they’re too numerous to list. However, some of the most popular choices are: American Holly, which grows between 15′ and 50′ tall, Dogwood, which provides great beauty to your yard throughout the year, and Green Giant Arborvitae, which is not only a wonderful year-round conifer, but it grows to a height which makes it very useful as a privacy screen. 


Mulching can be one of the most useful practices you employ in your yard, in terms of great landscaping ideas. In addition to suppressing the growth of weeds, mulching around plants can prevent the loss of soil water and can prevent erosion from occurring. For certain types of mulches, their eventual breakdown adds nutrients to the soil which can be a big aid to whatever plants you have in the ground nearby. It can also help regulate the temperature of the ground, keeping it cooler in summertime, and warmer during the cold months of winter.

Relaxation station 

Many people have literally transformed their patio area into a relaxing comfort station, which in effect brings indoor comfort to the outdoors, and adds some significant visual appeal as well. You could install a built-in bench for a convenient resting place, and add a couple of cushions for extra comfort while sitting. To add some extra color and natural beauty, you can also install some potted plants, or you can plant a whole row of plants under a window for a really nice touch. Add in a small outdoor table, and you’re all set for a tea or coffee break, or maybe even to enjoy lunch at your relaxation station.

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