Landscape Design & Installation

The landscape around your home should be just as impressive as the interior. It can be easy to devote an ample amount of time to designing the inside of our homes for personal pleasure and entertainment, but we should also consider the outside as well. That is why Hambleton Lawn Care offers services for landscape design and installation.

Landscape Design

Designing your landscape is not as simple as just placing a few shrubs or florals around your home; there is more to it than that. Properly planning and laying out design is paramount to creating a space that you will enjoy and last.

We take the time to give you a detailed analysis of what we can do while also incorporating your tastes. Design principles we include in our consultation include focal points, balance, harmony, simplicity, purpose, flow, movement, unity, and more. However, we never leave out the essential aspects, which are the intended use of the space and maintenance.

Developing Your Landscape

The first step in designing your landscape is to consider how you want to use it. Are looking to have a quiet place for relaxation in the evenings, or are you contemplating a pergola with a fireplace to entertain guests? Taking the time to envision how you want to use your landscape will help you to decide on the path you wish to take.

Perhaps you have a stunning mountain view you enjoy! We can help you prepare your area with shrubbery that grows closer to the ground, so it does not impede the view. The Hambleton Lawn Care team are specialists in helping you choose the proper trees and shrubs for your home.

If you enjoy gardening, we are delighted to help you build lush, fertile flower beds for you to grow your favorite plants. We also build retaining walls to hold back any topsoil or fill dirt that we bring you. Did you know retaining walls make excellent flower beds?

If your lifestyle is busy and you find it challenging to take the time out of your schedule to choose and pick up your plants and shrubs, we will deliver and install them for you.

Another option you may consider if you are looking for more prominent features in your landscape design to use rocks. Rock gardens, when designed correctly are stunning! That is why many golf courses and country clubs have them created for their guests to enjoy. The large stones give contrast to the surrounding plant life and help the eye travel along with the design.

However, creating flowerbeds and rock gardens are just the beginning of designing a landscape.

Other Design Features to Make Your Landscape Beautiful

Have you been to someone’s home and enjoyed a small outdoor waterfall or pond? The sound of water is one of the calmest sounds in the entire world. That is why so many people add them to their outdoor spaces. Many residential homes choose to have some water feature as the main focal point of their landscape design. Moreover, when a water feature is paired with accent lighting it becomes a masterpiece.

Lighting is another aspect that should be implemented when designing your landscape. Outdoor lighting is not only practical for being able to move around at night; it can always be used to draw attention to the focal points of your outdoor living space while also allowing for your landscape to be enjoyed. Having artfully installed lighting can set the mood for any event or evening spent outside. The ambiance of an area is everything as they say!

Overall, hiring a professional such as Hambleton Lawn Care can make designing your outdoor living spaces and landscapes a breeze. Why tackle the project by yourself when someone else with the knowledge and expertise can assist you? Not only that we can also help you maintain your investment and other landscaping needs, so all you must do is enjoy your home and time spent outdoors. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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