5 Latest Landscaping Trends

Latest Landscaping Trends

Today on the Hambleton Services lawn care tips page, we want to share with you the top five landscaping trends for 2019. Just like clothing and other areas of design, trends come and go, and it is no different for landscaping. Therefore, we want to share with you our favorite current trends!


As the younger generations are becoming property owners, the expectations of what they want in the landscaping world are changing. There has been a shift in the mindset of society today to create spaces that promote overall health and internal peace.

And nothing is more tranquil than the sound of a waterfall! Waterfalls provide soothing sights and sounds that can help you to de-stress from the everyday world. They improve your sense of being, which will result in lowering your blood pressure.

Here at Hambleton, we can help you design the perfect waterfall for your space! We can help you throughout the entire process from choosing the best rocks, plants, lighting, and other water features. But waterfalls are not the only trend we can help you with.

Rocks as Features and Gardens

A popular theme we have seen emerge is low maintenance landscaping. Customers of all ages have less time now than they did in the past. Thus, they need spaces that do not require their attention yet are still functional and relaxing.

Rock gardens are beautiful and require little maintenance, which makes them ideal for those with busy lifestyles!

There are additional benefits to using rocks as features in your garden, such as they can be placed in any environment regardless of climate, and they look great year-round! And let us not forget that when your garden is made of rock there is little mowing involved and they require fewer plants in their design.

Decorative and Practical Mulching

If adding rocks to your garden is out of your price range, another option to creating a low-maintenance outdoor space is mulching. 

Mulch comes in a variety of wood, textures, and colors that can add a pop to your lawn while maintaining the growth of weeds and grass. Mulch is also organic and bio-degradable and can add nutrients back into the soil to promote healthier plants.

If you live in a climate that has harsh winters, mulch also provides protection for perennials and young plants from frost and deep freezes.

Retaining Walls

With every passing year, we have also seen a revival of people wanting to be more organic and aware of the earth. Part of this movement is property owners wanting to grow their own herbs, fruits and vegetables, and more.

Even if your property is small or on an incline, you can still have a garden with a retaining wall. A retaining wall is not just for holding the soil back to prevent erosion; they can be designed to allow for creativity and practical uses as well!

Hambleton Services have designed retaining walls that allow for growing all kinds of plants in virtually any space. Imagine being able to walk out on your back patio and being able to harvest your own herbs and spices for your evening meal. You can grow an entire garden on a tiered retaining wall that will promote physical and mental health.

Natural Stairs

By now, it is evident that consumers are looking for outdoor spaces with lower maintenance and natural looking features. This theme can even be continued in the building of stairs on your property.

While concrete or brick-laid stairs may be functional, they are not the most attractive solution. More and more, we are seeing landscapes designed to look as though they were naturally growing out of the environment. Why not create stairs to look as though they occurred naturally as well?

Some examples of materials we have used to create stairs are logs and locally sourced stone. Large stones create an impressive feature that draws the eye and feel as though they fell into place on their own to provide you a path. All you need to give them an organic feel is to plant some tall grasses or perennial plants around them. And unlike concrete or brick pavers they require no maintenance!

We love the newest trends in gardens and landscaping that promote less stress and lower maintenance.  Hambleton Services can help you design your dream outdoor space and assist you in choosing the best plants or rocks to suit your environment. Contact us today to begin planning and bring your ideas to life!

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